Thursday, October 29, 2009

Being Stopped in My Tracks

I love being at home, as I've said before, but being at home and sick. . .well, that's different. It stopped me in my tracks. Say goodbye for awhile to all the activities I do when I'm well.

Last Monday I woke up with aches and pains and the dreaded swine flu raging through my body. Every day has been a little better but not enough to skip naps and sit in chairs and deal with nausea.

I'm missing my ladies Bible study this morning on the Covenants. I love it and really hate to miss. I'll also miss the children's home Halloween party tonight. I hope I can make the jewelry party Saturday.

We watch "Survivor" on television. On the latest episode the body of one of the survivors gave out on him. Dehydration, starvation and constant rain took its toll and he passed out. Not once but twice. They have medics standing by at all times and he was taken from the competition. I wonder how much long range damage is done to the bodies of the participants who face these hardships? I would never have considered, even at the strongest time of my life, doing what they do for any amount of money or thrills.

This illness will pass and I'll be able to go on with my busy life. What of the people I know who have been hit with illnesses that take a year to treat? or who face surgery? or other treatments? I saw a young boy in a wheelchair recently and it broke my heart thinking about how his life should have been. Not in a chair but running and playing instead.

I know we adapt to whatever life brings us, but just a little thing like the flu really makes a person grateful for good health. At least, that's the way it affects me. I don't know how much longer I have on this earth, but I want my body to stay as strong and healthy as possible.

I have found something good about having the swine flu now. . .I won't have to worry about taking the vaccine if it ever becomes available for my age group.


  1. Praying GOD continues to heal and restore your body. You are absolute right. Being sick certainly makes us appreciate all the blessings we have and how much we can do on our own.

    Blessings, andrea

  2. I'm sorry you have been ill! I hope you recover completely soon.