Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Dreams have always fascinated me. Probably because I am so aware of how much I dream. I've had some where the colors are beyond anything I've ever seen in real life. Some have been so pleasant I didn't want to wake up but to keep dreaming them. Some have been troubling and stayed with me for days.

Why do we have recurring dreams and what do they mean? What do dreams respresent in our lives? Who do the people in our dreams represent? In this Google age a person can read many different interpretations of dreams on line--what they mean and why we have them. But we don't know the authors these sites. Many are trying to sell dream books. I could write a dream book, too. That's why I don't read the sites.

If I remember correctly, we dream even when we don't remember them. They are important (so I've heard) because we're sifting through what we've experienced consciously and discarding those things that aren't necessary. (Can you imagine having to remember and relive EVERYTHING that happens to us?)

At one time I thought all dreams were prophetic and tried to read them. Some of the dreams I've had and others have had, have been prophetic in some ways. (I don't think I'm a Joseph and haven't met anyone like him.) But maybe this happens because subconsciously we have thoughts that haven't surfaced yet.

When I was young, I had two recurring dreams. Both were about being in a car with all my family, or just my mother, and the car goes off the road. I'd start the dream over and over trying to keep it from happening. Lately I've had a recurring dream about being with my husband or members of my family and they leave me. Very troubling to be alone, usually in an unfamiliar place.

A few years ago I attended a workshop about dreams. The woman who led it said that everyone in a dream is you. If I dream about my husband, that's really some aspect of me, etc. So what is it about being abandoned? In her explanation, abandonment in a dream is a way of being or behaving that is left behind. I like that. I have many ways of being or behaving that I'd like to leave behind. I won't list them here but if you meet me some day and wonder, "My, how Barbara has changed," you'll know my dreams have come to pass.

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