Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random Thoughts About Hell and Love and Being Skinny

I had a "discussion" (one-sided when I realized this person believed what he believed and I couldn't change his mind, so I stopped talking) last night. Someone suggested at a small meeting we attended that sometimes we need some "Hell and Brimstone" to set us straight. I disagreed saying hell and brimstone doesn't change people. Love does. Then this other man began his harangue assuring me, and all of us in the group, that the Bible is perfectly clear on this subject. "Some would like to believe that God is just about love when in fact He is a just God and sends people to hell." That was just the beginning. He went on a little more saying the same thing. See why I quit talking?

I've had one other "discussion" with him in the past about God healing people today. He doesn't believe it happens although I said I'd seen it and experienced it myself. You just can't change some people's minds with truth, can you? I know something about this person's personal life and wonder if his attitude had something to do with how it's turned out?

As for the hell and brimstone--where in the Bible does it say that's the Good News and we're to spread this gospel?

Now that this is out of my system, if you notice the very small picture on this page, you will see a woman, a man and a baby in front of the wildest wallpaper in known history. That is a picture of myself, my daughter and her father taken in
1958. What I want to know is, where did that dark-haired, skinny woman go? I want her back!!

Recently I read Christopher Kennedy Lawford's autobiography, "Symptoms of Withdrawal." He talks about his uncle Sarge Shriver, married to one of the Kennedy sisters, and said this uncle told him that "everything he wanted and tried hard to get in his life never brought him the happiness or satisfaction he thought it would. All the stuff in his life that came to him freely and unexpectedly brought him meaning and joy. He looked at those things as God given and figures that God knows best what we humans want and need."

I guess I don't need that skinny, dark-haired girl any more. I don't mind the hair being gone, but the skinny.....? I'd like to have that back.

Just one more note. Happiness is not getting what you want but wanting what you have.
I have a body that works and that's good enough for me.

By the way, God has never sent anyone to hell. If hell exists, then that's a person's personal choice. (I just had to get in that last lick!)

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