Thursday, January 22, 2009


Time flies and time crawls.

Time crawls when I'm waiting for someone or something. Time flies when I look back and see how quickly my life has changed, my children and grandchildren have grown up, when I have a lot to do and time runs out on getting it all done.
But, thank God, I'm still living in time.
One of these days it will all be eternity.

I'm working on book number two of a detective series. As I write it I see how many changes I need to make on book number one before I think about trying to sell it. But how do I find the time to do that when I'm working on #2 and have to have submissions for two critique groups? My days are pretty full although I'm retired and don't have to show up every morning for a "real job."

Time's a-wasting. I need to get on the eliptical trainer and do some exercising, then take care of the laundry I'm doing on some baby quilts for CareNet, set the table (or begin so I'll know what I need) for a dinner here tomorrow night, go over what I've written for a Saturday critique group meeting, (I have another critique meeting in the morning so I won't have a lot of time tomorrow to do some of the things I need to do for the dinner), make sure the house is presentable. . .

Tonight I attend my first meeting of a ladies Bible study on the book of Esther. That will take study during the week. My husband and I agreed to teach Jonah in a small group meeting that's studying the minor prophets. We don't have to do it for about four weeks, but we need some time to look into the book before teaching it.

Right now, in my life, time is flying. Retirement is not for sissies!

Yet, as I write all this I'm mindful of several friends whose lives made a shift recently when cancer was discovered in their bodies. Time to them means "what kind of treatment am I doing today?" Time to them is "will I live through this so I can go on with my life?" All these "little" things we do every day mean nothing unless we have our health. For these people time has a completely different meaning than it does to mine. All the things we think are so important can be changed in an instant.

So, as I go about doing all that I think needs to be done, I have to remember to tune in to the Holy Spirit so He can tell me what I really need to do while I still have the--time.

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