Thursday, January 29, 2009


We've had our Google page theme as a snowy mountain scene. It's beautiful but every time I look at it, I shiver--so this morning I changed it.

The morning paper's headline is about the huge stimulus (?) package the Democrats pushed through congress. No Republicans voted for it. (Guess we don't have a checks and balance Senate any more.) I made a C in Econ in college and was happy to get that. I only made that grade because the teacher averaged all the grades from all his classes. What I know about econ you could fit in a thimble and have room left over for a quart of milk. Because Pelosi was so animatedly excited about this package, even with my limited knowledge, I feel sure the package isn't going to do much for the economy except further bankrupt the U.S.A.

For that reason my new Google page theme is the American flag.

Seriously folks, I'm not sure we'll make it two years with these spendthrift Dems in control of congress before America turns into third world country.

Sound pessimistic? Sorry. I'll go on to higher things.

We are supposed to teach a small group class on the book of Jonah. I'm seeing something in that book I have never seen before. If you know the story, God told Jonah to go prophesy to Nineveh and tell them that He was going to destroy them unless they repented. (Evidently they were a ruthless, cruel people.) Well, Jonah ran the other way and ended up in a storm on a sinking ship. His crew mates threw him overboard, only because he told them to do it, and the storm immediately ceased. Knowing it was Jonah's God who started and stopped the storm, they all worshipped Him (God)the rest of their lives. Which brings me to the moral of this story. Even when we (the U.S.A.) disobey, God makes good come out of it.

If this is true then all is not lost for our country. There are enough of us around who still revere God and his sovereignty in this world. We can continue to pray and trust that God will turn all this around for His good.


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